Elevating the Voices
of Our Future Innovators

A Call From The People

The unCommission is a massive, diverse, and participatory opportunity through which 600 young people shared their experiences to identify action-ready considerations for the future of STEM learning and opportunity.

From these stories, three insights emerged that point the way forward to achieving equitable STEM education for all of our country's children, particularly for Black, Latinx, and Native American communities.

Young people have not given up; they’re fired up and want to make a difference with STEM.


It is critically important for young people to feel a sense of belonging in STEM.


Teachers are the most powerful force for fostering belonging in STEM.



                           Years old (median age)



               People of color



Female or non-binary



of storytellers heard from a

supportive adult about their story



States, including Washington, D.C.


The insights from our unCommission storytellers are guiding 100Kin10's next decade-long phase of work to unleash the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. 100Kin10, which began in 2011 in response to President Obama's call for 100,000 new, excellent STEM teachers in ten years and exceeded this goal in 2021, looks forward to taking up what is emerging from the unCommission as our next shared, national goal. 100Kin10's new goal and network will launch in the fall of 2022.