Sketching Stories: An Illustrated Synthesis of Early Stories

September 27, 2021

The unCommission is bringing together hundreds of young people across the country to share their personal experiences with science, engineering, technology and math learning to help shape the future of STEM education. We are honored that nearly 200 young people have chosen to share their STEM story with us so far. 

We are excited to share an illustrated synthesis by artist Play Steinberg of some of the early stories we have received. The stories represented in this illustration are by young people who come from communities that are the most excluded from STEM learning, which includes Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and Native American communities, and whose experiences we are centering in this process. These storytellers, however, are also unique individuals with their own experiences with and perspectives on STEM learning. The stories in this drawing represent a wide range of experiences that young people may have on their STEM learning journeys ranging from curiosity, joy, and excitement to intimidation, apathy, and even sometimes discrimination. Oftentimes, many of these diverse experiences and emotions come out in the same story. 

We will be continuing to gather stories through October 15, 2021. Are you (or do you know) a young person who wants to share their real experiences in STEM learning in the United States? Learn how to share your story here. All storytellers will receive a link to select a gift worth $25 as a thank you.

Read the stories represented in this illustration:

UnCommission Early Story Art Synthesis

(Note: This illustration is based on the artist’s interpretation of multiple story transcripts
and is not meant to be a portrait of any particular storyteller.)