Small Town Rock Lover

Madison (she/her/hers), 20, Maine

“For as long as I can remember, picking up a cool rock has been the normal. So when I was old enough to answer of what I wanted to be when I grow up, it was always geologist.

Going to University of Maine Farmington was a very easy choice since I am from the next town over. I went to all of the Farmington school growing up. It’s a beautiful small town so staying close to home was a no brained.

I was taken back when I started taking my geology classes in the fall of 2019. The world was more normal, big full classrooms filled with eager students. My favorite teacher from high school, Mr. H, had told me to reach out to Professor D. I had expressed my interest in geology to him and he informed me of her career in geology and her passion.

Professor D has been one of my biggest supporters and inspirations at UMF. Her enthusiasm for science has driven me to change my path in college. I have decided to change from a geology major to secondary education with a science concentration. I love science so much and this would be a chance for me to continue with my interests for my entire career.

The thought of being able to inspire and encourage students is what drives me. If I’m having a bad day or think about skipping homework or class I always stop and think; Today in one of my many education classes I could miss a great piece of wisdom from a life long educator.

With so many different female professors I have had the conversation about the lack of females in STEM. Entering college as a geology major ever scared me, it actually fueled me. I look forward to being a female high school science teacher. I want to wear sandals all day and hopefully be someone a student looks forward to seeing.

So far, being in the STEM field and having worked in the field voluntarily a few times, has been a blast. I look forward to what my future holds for me and everyday I dream of being back in the classroom.”

The thought of being able to inspire and encourage students is what drives me.