When I Got More Interested in Biology/Environmental Science

Anonymous (she/her/hers), 17, California

“Before my freshman year in High School, I was not particularly interested in Science. In 2nd grade, we did a few science experiments that were fun, but we only did two experiments the whole year. Because of this, I did not have the chance to learn too much. I also remember doing one other experiment in 6th grade. I did not do much science other than this leading up to middle school. In middle school, we did a decent amount of science. I remember reading from textbooks that were not the most fun. It seemed like when the teachers wanted us to learn about science, they mostly just pulled out a textbook. I remember only doing one hands on science project in middle school, where we made a clay diagram. Up to this point in my life, no one had consistently taught me about science. In some of my years in school, it seemed like sometimes science was an afterthought to other subjects. Then I came to High School. High School was the first year of school that I rotated to different classes. Before High School, I went to a K-8 school that did not have rotating middle school classes. This made me unsure of how High School would turn out. I had five classes my first year of High School. These were: Math, Guided Studies, Guitar, English and Biology. There was only two classes I barely knew anything about. These were Guitar and Biology. I did not know if I would do well at all in any of these classes when I signed up. Biology I had to take to graduate, so I hoped for the best. Guitar, it was alright to not do well, because I did not have to take it. When I stepped into Biology, I remember how happy, excited and reassuring the teacher was. This was very helpful for me, because the teacher mostly taught Freshman, and knew what we needed to be successful. I remember every time i stepped into their classroom, I felt very welcomed, happy and ready to learn. I also noticed that this teacher decided to make their own curriculum, based on what we needed to learn, rather than just doing the curriculum provided. I remember having lots of fun in Biology, because the teacher was enthusiastic, and always had a hands on project for us to do. I remember making mini paper books, posters, creations on paper plates, doing mini drawings of animals, writing a story about our identity as a scientist, and creating an environmental presentation. These things really connected me to Biology because I felt involved. I felt like the teacher cared about me and the other students. I remember the teacher even doing one-on-one check ins with us to make sure we were doing the best we could in the class. The activities also connected me to Biology, because we had to do some artwork and take some time, and get involved, instead of just typing something up as fast as we could. I also think me and my classmates remembered these projects more because they were different. Most of my other teachers have you type up your work. I think it was nice to see school and science in a different perspective because of this experience in Biology. I worked hard in Biology and did my best. I ended up earning an A in the class I was unsure I would even do well in. With Guitar, I also exceeded my expectation and earned an A as well. Because I had this experience with how fun Biology can be, I now still remember how great this class was, even though this was three years ago. I am now a Senior in High School. Mainly because of this amazing teacher and experience in Biology, as I go into college soon, one of the three things I am considering studying at collage is environmental science. I have seen how fun and interesting learning about the planet can be, and I want to possibly be able to impact our environmental future.”

When I stepped into Biology, I remember how happy, excited and reassuring the teacher was.